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All Types of Air Compressors

You can count on us for all your compressed air needs, from 2hp all the way up.
From stationary to portable, oil-lubricated to oil-free, we have it all!

Rotary Screw Compressors

Rotary screw compressors typically are used for continuous, commercial and
industrial applications. Lower noise outputs to meet OSHA requirements,
significant reduction in weight, typically by 50 percent. Rotary Screw has easier
maintenance due to fewer wearing parts to maintain or replace. A rotary screw airend or element has twin rotors, which include male and female parts rotating in
opposite directions. Air fills the space between the rotors and, as they rotate, the
volume between them and the surrounding housing decreases, squeezing or
compressing the air into a smaller space.

Piston Compressors

Used in applications where compressed air requirements are low, piston
compressors are available in many versions, making them suited to any
production activity.

Refrigerated Dryers

Refrigerated air dryers remove moisture and contaminants from compressed
air. They chill the air to a temperature that causes the moisture in the air to
condense and form droplets. These can be separated from the air stream
and discharged from the dryer. This type of dryer uses a refrigeration system,
heat exchanger, separator and drain to perform the drying operation and
provide compressed air that can be useful for a broad range of applications.

Desiccant Dryers

Regenerative desiccant dryers use desiccant media to dry compressed air through the process of absorption. Dry air with dew points of either -40°F, -80°F or -100°F can be achieved. These extremely low dew points are necessary for critical compressed air applications, or for those in cold environments, where any moisture remaining in the air would freeze inside compressed air system piping, resulting in a blocked flow.
During dryer operation, the desiccant media is used to dry the air followed by a period of regeneration when the media is purged of the moisture it collects, so it can be used again for drying.

Parts & Accessories

We are passionate about keeping our customers satisfied and their
equipment’s in great running order. Parts are accessible for many different
manufactures, models, and types of compressors & dryers. We provide as follow:

  • OEM-consumable parts
  • Aftermarket-consumable parts
  • Air compressor supplies
  • Air compressor lubricants
  • Air compressor Motors
  • Air Compressor Airend
  • Coalescing Filter Element
  • Hoses, gaskets, and seals
  • Oil Water Separators
  • Dryer Maintenance Kits & Accessories
  •  Air Receivers
  • And many others!